Please note the following questions which are object to investigation.

If after reading the above questions you did not answer “YES” at least one of them with an absolute certainty, you will most likely and with a certain probability look for an optimized solution!

The modern market is undergoing a rapid change and requires sustained action. Our consulting ensures greater efficiency in all your transportation and logistics projects in short as well as long term. You will learn how to identify your shipping department’s resources and fully exploit them. Complete and guaranteed.

  • We devote all our advisory competence in achieving this goal.

    Regardless of whether you request our advice on transportation or logistics theme or you wish to improve your department’s performance: For Jago a cautious approach is of the utmost importance. Every step will be decided on in consultation with you: from starting to analyze all the thematically relevant sectors, continuing with a detailed status report, all the way to developing concrete improvement measures. The results of such measures provided could be implemented directly – we shall gladly assist you! Another advantage for customers at all times is our complete range of services: We combine competences from various fields in order to achieve the ideal solution for you. All information and the whole process remain strictly confidential and will be handled with great integrity.

  • How can you profit from working with us?

    Would you like to increase the efficiency of your freight forwarding department? In that case we are happy to assist you in reaching your goal. How is that possible? For example through a greater more improved manpower or though outsourcing of your forwarding service. We will calculate everything with you and will demonstrate the equivalent advantages: after the outsourcing for example how to reduce non-wage labor costs, and discuss savings of sick leave and paid leave. Our consulting services include solid contract negotiations, for example with forwarders. In any case we initiate a process with tact and sensitivity with one objective to increase performance and efficiency both in the short term and in the long term. Our couching will enable you to act indepentenly after only a short time.

  • What makes JAGO consulting so unique?

    The secret of our success: We achieve a win-win situation by collaborating with our customer. In doing so, we use the quality pattern which is common in the industry, without the typical industry rates.

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